There's a certain flavor that is uniquely Haitian. We can't easily explain it and even if we could, unless you live it, see it, and touch it , you really won't understand it. It's just A l'Haitienne. We do it differently.

Welcome to A l"Haitienne! This is a blog where you will find a little bit of everything that we consider Haitian and even some things that are not Haitian but that we as young women, relate with while living in the U.S.
At any time you can find a post on here from any of the 5 of us ( Esthere, Jen, Princess Na, Unique F, Steph) but mostly Steph #arienafaire( time waster) que je suis lol.
We hope you enjoy the content and if you have a contribution or suggestion, we will gladly incorporate it.

You can write us or submit any relevant posts to
Thanks for stopping by!

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