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Current thoughts: Hurricane Matthew Haiti

I'm coming out of blogging hiatus for this post...
Hurricane Matthew.
My heart breaks for the cities in South Haiti who are still unreachable and where the damage can't even be assessed yet.
I'm sitting here in a relatively good position being that I am a Saint Marc native and our city has largely been spared. But, there's always room to lament in these kinds of situations, especially for people who live near the sea. As I am writing this,  countless homes near the coast of Saint Mar have literally vanished. As I look at pics of the neighborhood where I literally spent my summer vacation this year, I am unbelievably sad. My fiancĂ© lives right there and back in January I had the most beautiful night of my life somewhere along there... With a bottle of wine and some chairs, the waves softly brushing my feet, and calmly sounding in my ears, all contributing to the poetic theme of the night; love. If memories weren't etched in my heart I couldn't see it here now. All gone.
I couldn't imagine how his neighbors came back today expecting maybe some damage, maybe flooded houses... Those are things that they could be ok with knowing where they live but to see their whole houses flattened?
Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected. Even though we have our lot, so many are suffering and some have unbearable losses. We stay humble and count our blessings today.

Picture credit: Jean-Georges Joubert
More pics and videos to follow...

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