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Thanksgiving Haitian style

 In the midst of Thanksgiving preparations and dealing with family and working, I decided to take some time and look up different Thanksgiving menus because I was curious about how different groups (ie Italian-American) incorporate different dishes along with the traditional plates. So I thought that someone should document our standard Haitian-American Thanksgiving menu so why not me? Well this is my family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.

All the desserts were store bought lol...
Macaroni au gratin

dinde farci ( a l'haitienne) stuffed turkey

fried chicken

baked Ham w/ pineapple and deviled eggs

riz djon djon ( duri noir)


beet salad ( salad russe)

potato salad

Not pictured: bannan peze ( fried plantains) and collard greens
here's my plate

This is Thanksgiving A l'Haitienne :)
Now I'm thinking about writing down the recipes for all of them and maybe some other common Haitian food for a holiday/regular party menu... I wonder if anybody is interested...

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11 lovely comments:

  1. Sounds like good idea, this is a staple of most Haitian cuisine.

  2. Yes! I think I'm going to start working on it once winter break starts...

  3. Looking great! Good job, thanks for sharing.

  4. please share that fried chicken, turkey and collard green recipe

    1. Will do my best to post those soon for you Ms. Taurus.

  5. please please please write down all recipes im dying to know every other day im checking your blog to see if you replied with any other recipe. I tried the macaroni au gratin "omg" it was sooooooo good.

  6. Hi Ms Taurus!
    Sorry I haven't been on here in a little bit.I've been extra busy with some things but it's a New Year and my mother has been talking about how I don't cook in the house lol so I'm gonna be cooking more this year and I will post the recipes for you.
    Thanks for checking out the blog and I'm glad the mac au gratin turned out good

  7. I was curious about how different groups

  8. Yummy… Looks attractive and I wish if I was there.. Lots of new dishes..

  9. All those store-bought desserts look so funny next to the homemade food, dessert the modern American way, lol. I find desserts to be the easiest part of the meal, since most can be made ahead of time.

    The movie, "What's Cooking?" (2000) gets a little into how different ethnicities celebrate Thanksgiving - each of the four families prepares a meal primarily featuring their own ethnic foods, with a turkey tacked on since it is Thanksgiving. The New York Times also once ran an interesting article on the topic, largely indicating that most people from most groups celebrated (because all cultures can appreciate a food-centered feast), and that most people had a turkey on the table, though for some it was the one and only time they ever ate turkey during the year.


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