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Lalo recipe: Not quite there

Before i made by grandma cut it up for me lol
 So I know I promised a Lalo recipe but this is becoming harder than I thought to take step by step pictures... For example, I fully intended to get this done yesterday but I ended up having to leave and let my mom finish it and I forgot to make my sister take pictures.
I got this far!

 Lalo is not easy to go by. We have a garden but we have to wait weeks sometimes to get a good amount. so this might take another 2 weeks before we can make it again :(
Well I did come back in time to make the white rice so here's a recipe for how i make it. No measurements so just humor me ok lol. I'll add measurements for the rice too when I post the real Lalo recipe.

 Put the oil in pot and add cut up green onion and garlic 
Add salt and fry for about 2 minutes on medium heat
 Add water and wait for it to boil
 Now add rice. Important not to have too much water. Water should prob be about 2 inches above the rice. If the water is a lot, take some out and put to the side. You  can use it later.
Let water dry out and then stir the rice

Cover tightly and let sit on low heat for about 10 minutes

 Sigh... I always thought our rice was easy but after typing this maybe it's not so easy. A lot harder than say add rice to hot water and let boil for 20 minutes lol.
Oh and you won't really taste the garlic or green onions and you can take them out when you're stirring the rice.
Anyway, proper recipes coming soon :)

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  1. Still waiting on the lalo recipe, when are you posting it


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