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ENJOY Haiti dans les Jeux Olympiques 2012

As an athlète, I enjoy watching the olympics. It's great to see the world coming together (sort of) for great competition. Although there's always that one person who ruins or tries to ruin it for everybody (like the guy who threw the bottle onto the track as Usain Bolt was about to defend his title); that's besides the point. The olympics fosters a sense of unity in people/within a country. For example, I came across this article that a few years back when Usain Bolt won his race, there were zero killings in Jamaica and basically every Jamaican was celebrating his victory.

 Well this blog isn't "A La Jamaïquainne" or "A La Olympienne" so let me bring it back "A l'Haitienne". I was very excited to find that Haiti would have five great athletes representing us this year. I was doing a little Haiti in the Olympics research. I came across what seems to be a blog and some very ignorant soul wrote the following under the title "The country's history in six words"..."Slave rebellion, poverty, natural disasters ... Wyclef!" Serieusement!? I'm going to give the person the benefit of the doubt that they were slightly trying to "be funny". Now I'm switching to Creole. Oui slave rebellion, et what about "Première nation noire qui avoir sa propre indépendance"? Genyen moun ki frekan oui. Mwen ta di anpil lot bagay, men there's no need. Parce que, all that one needs to do is go to google and type in "La Perle des Antilles" and see what country is attached to that title.

 Lastly, mwen ta renmen ankouraje tout Ayisyen (whatever percentage Haitian you may be, if you have the least bit of interest or love for Haiti), pou nou aprann histoire nou. Nou genyen anpil to be proud of. 1 last thing, ce Jeudi, soutenir ou regarder Samyr Laine (triple jumper) aux Jeux Olympiques 2012. M'ap kite nou avek bel ti chant sa...ENJOY!! (:

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