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Featured: Kwase le 8

This is one of my favorite music videos. The song is called Kwase le 8 and the group is ZatRap.  I think they capture Haitian beauty very well. It's also a catchy song that fuses Troubadour style with rap kreyol. I love the song (and Zatrap)
All pictures are stills from the video. Watch the video to see these scenes :)

I think this girl is absolutely gorge.  I wanna be like this next time I go to Haiti lol
Here's the video

Zatrap kwaze le 8-

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2 lovely comments:

  1. I enjoyed the scenery in the video. It definitely portrayed the beauty of Haiti.
    I was left to wonder...
    qu'est-ce que ça veut dire "kwaze le 8"?

  2. the name of the dance i think...


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