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Yohann Dore: Haitian Rock Star

I can't say that I'm a rock music fan but when I heard  the song "Let Go" by Yohann, I definitely ended up liking it . Yohann is Haiti's resident Rock Star. He's a unexpected discovery for me.
So who is Yohann?

Name: Yohann Dore
 Born:  Petion Ville Haiti February 12 1989
Story: Surrounded by music from an early age because of his father (Joe Dore)'s influence
Has been seriously making music since the age of 16
His preferred genre of music has always been Rock, hence why he has chosen to make "Rock Kreyol" music

There's something to be said about marching to the sound of your own music, which he definitely does. Added to the fact that he's fairly young and creative makes him cool in a "A l'Haitienne" way to me.
His album "Ayiti Men Rock"  is coming out at the end of this month. Support if you like it. It's definitely different. I'm looking forward to seeing where this movement goes!

Here's "Let Go" from 2009

Nou Fini from the 2012 

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