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Touristic Dreams: Jardin Botanique Des Cayes

I think most of my touristic dreams have been in the South.  There's just so many beautiful places... I can't help but want to be there for my next trip
The Jardin Botanique in Les Cayes is one of the places in my must see list.

Check out some pictures courtesy of Haiti Tourism Inc -  They have been doing such a good job of showing places in Haiti!z They make my Haiti Touristic Dreams so much easier (haha)

A little about the garden from their website.

  • Cayes Botanic Garden was founded in September 3rd 2003 and has 8 hectares. This garden mainly focuses on: conservation, education and research. It is located between the two majors protected areas in Haiti: Pack Macaya and Park La Visite. On the Google map it is easy to find it on 18.234397, -73.755347. The establishment of this garden is rooted to the biodiversity loss and lack of long-term structures to conserve biodiversity in Haiti. In consequence the garden has been involved in helping the government to conserve Haitian biodiversity and encourage the parliament to elaborate laws for its management and the establishment others.

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2 lovely comments:

  1. This looks amazing!
    Is this a new endeavor (tourist attraction)?

  2. Jen I added a little about the garden to the post. Check out the website it has lots of good info. I just love what they are doing :)


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