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Moso Manman

Grandma, Me, Mom, and my sis

In honor of Haitian Mother's Day today I wanted to post a couple of songs about mothers. These are some of my favorite songs to listen to because I love my beautiful manman cherie to pieces.
Mothers are so important. Especially in a country like Haiti where the mother is basically the heart of the family. Most Haitian mothers that I know are like super heroes.

 I appreciate fathers and give them props for taking care of their families but everybody that has had a mother, especially one who has made so many sacrifices for her children like mine knows that they are indispensable.
So to every mother out there I say Bonne Fete Manman!
Show love to the mothers in your life everyday and share some of these songs with them sometime. They will appreciate it.

The song that I know the best out of all of them is Emeline Michel's "Moso Manman"

Old School Manman-
Herold Christophe

Some of my favorite newer manman Songs
Beethova Obas

Freedom- Manman

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1 lovely comments:

  1. This is nice.
    The photo above is a great display of 3 generations of strong "belles femmes Kreyol".


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