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Happy Haitian Flag Day!

It's May 18th, yeah!!!
 As an Haitian, I'm pretty excited whenever this day comes around, because it is Haitian Flag Day. Our flag is now 209 years old. It was created in 1803, adopted in 1820 and formalized in 1843.

That beautiful bi-color flag: blue and red that you are seeing was once the same color as France's: blue, white and red. The fact  that the Haitian nation was  carrying a French flag was presented by the press at the time as an independent nation. The great chiefs of the Haitian army, Alexandre Petion and Jean Jacques Dessalines ,were not happy about that. So, they decided to confront the French army which unfortunately lost the fight. Now, Dessalines ripped the white stripe of the previous flag and joined the blue and the the red together. This is how our beautiful flag was made. I am very proud of that and i think all Haitians feel the same. Happy Flag Day!!!

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