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Haitian Heritage month feature: Catherine Flon

There are two different versions of the incidents leading to the creation of the Haitian flag. It really doesn't matter which version is more truth than folktale because in the end, the General Jean Jacques Dessalines ripped the white out of the red white and blue French flag (like the BOSS that he was) and handed the remaining red and blue bands to this awesome lady by the name of Catherine Flon.

 She was Dessalines's goddaughter and a nurse who gave her service to the rebellion and ultimately ended up sewing the Haitian flag. She is a reminder that all talents and willingness can be used for a good cause. Having her sew the first Haitian flag helped give the Haitians their identity in battle and showed their seriousness about fighting for their independence.
Here she is on the 10 gourdes Haitian banknote!
P.S. May is Haitian Heritage Month in the diaspora because there are a lot of celebrations during this month.  Haitian Flag on May 18 is the most celebrated with parades and all kinds of fun a l'Haitienne style. Stay tuned for the next posts and happy Haitian Heritage Month!

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