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Marjorie Judith Vincent

In my search to find and celebrate beautiful Haitian women whose stories need to be retold,  I stumbled upon a Kreyalicious story about Marjorie Judith Vincent .
She was the fourth woman of African ancestry to win the Miss America Pageant and the first Haitian American winner. 

With a classic beauty, Duke law school education, and a flawless execution of a Chopin piece. She captured the crown in 1991
What I find interesting with her story? Well apparently, she abandoned her law degree pursuit at Duke when she was almost done ( 4 credits short) for a journalism career but, years later in 2008 she went back to school to finish in law. I would love to see her now and perhaps learn more about her personal story.
She is a Vre Fanm Kreyol (Real Creole Beauty)

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