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New Year

So the holidays have come and gone and I thoroughly enjoyed them A L'Haitienne style . I celebrated Christmas Eve, I had my traditional Haitian soup joumon on New Year's day, and I made sure to be with my friends and family as much as possible ... especially my sister Jen  (yay)
I had a great time for the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. I wanted to post some recipes for the New Year but this will have to wait for a while longer because I've been working (yay!) but I've been sick for the past couple of days (boo!)
Anyways, I pray for great things this year... better health, more money, more blog visitors... lol
P.S I know it's late but January 1st is Haiti's Independence Day so Happy Independence day to all my Haitiens.
My mother's soup! That's her biggest pot... and yes it has to be that full lol

After church service and our 1 am on Jan 1st soup :)
Also after church service ginger tea and hot chocolate with Haitian bread :) :) :)
and finally... Merry Christmas from A L'Haitienne crew lol

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