Macaroni au gratin

Haitian style mac and cheese before I baked it
Sooo I know this is late but I meant to make a Thanksgiving Haitian style post this year but the picture above ended up being all the food pic I took because I actually had to cook this year and I was dead tired by the time the table was ready. When I was done in the kitchen I went to take a nap to while we waited to everybody to get to the house and well let's just say by the time I came back... the table was no more lol.
 If anybody is interested, I'll make a mac and cheese post because my mom makes the best I've ever tasted. It's like the first thing I actually asked her to show me how to make. It's soooooo good. Gosh I could eat it all day!

*Edit : click here for recipe
Haitian style lol
After dinner i also got to spend some time with Esthere!!!!!  I'm still waiting for her to post more on the blog ahem... Yes I'm calling you out Esthere! lol I love this girl  we are always laughing when we're together :)

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4 lovely comments:

  1. Hi my name is Tahirah. Yes please post your haitian mac and cheese recipe. I love haitian mac and cheese and would like to learn how to make it along with other traditonal haitian dishes.

  2. That's great to hear Tahirah! I will probably make it for Christmas. I'll post the recipe along with pictures for you. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. I know I'm so late, but omg... I would love to learn how to do this. Thanks for posting the recipe :-)

  4. Where is the fucking recipe? It says click on the picture for recipe and all I see is your picture. The hell.


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