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Un-Haitian food and birthday pics

And so it was on Na's birthday that we decided to be un-Haitian and try some new food. I mean really as a "typical" Haitian you won't see me eat Sushi.... non merci. We, well at least people in my family turn up their noses at other people's food. That actually includes some other Haitian people's food but I digress... Clearly, you can see that Nacha and I have been Americanized hehe. We went to a new place that serves Thai/Japanese/Peruvian food. I was so happy, it felt like my birthday too because I love Thai food hehe...
That is how i discovered green tea ice cream in the form of Mochi (love it!) and crab/avocado salad (love it!)
I definitely recommend Komoon Thai and Sushi in Naples. The service was excellent and the food delicious.

We also went out to dance for 30 minutes because Na had to go to work like a couple hours later :( but it was the best 30 minutes of dancing and pictures ever!!!!!!!

'Twas fun! We plan on doing it again when Jen comes for Christmas. It will be even better!

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