It took a beat for us to remember and on cue we started blasting out all the lyrics to this old song. We never missed a word. While I drove with a big smile on my face, my speakers blaring, we remembered every word, every beat, every voice. We laughed at the end about how crazy it is that we remembered everything. Even English words that we did not know the meaning of ages ago back in Haiti when we learned those songs. Now we giggle and scoff " but what are they saying? that is not even a real English word" lol. The lyrics were to some old school King Posse song that was the rage back when we were kids. It brought back so many good feelings... of good times we had in Haiti. Nacha and I, in different cities with different people but with similar memories. Good memories! We love talking about our childhoods, catholic schools, music, crazy church stories. We love to reminisce.
When I came home I wasted all my time on youtube looking up old songs. I stumbled upon one of my favorite songs ever and I promptly realized the impact that song has had over me.
I always thought he was talking about me in this song ... don't tell me he wasn't lol. I'm still in love with this years later and my favorite line " Avec ton look et ton style de reine nubienne" roughly translates to "with your nubian queen style" and interestingly enough, people have been describing my style in similar terms lately. At any rate I think I will have a rap kreyol post soon about old school Haitian rap artists because I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately and I have lots of awesome songs to share :)


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