Queens watching the Lion King

Queens watching the Lion King!!?  Humm... you might be curious to know who are those queens? Were are they? What exactly i am talking about? Well, look at these pictures and tell me what you see...

Ahhh! you see what i am talking about now? From left to right in the first picture are : Amahoola Ikechi, Princess Na (me), and Martine. Second picture from left to right are: Princess Na (me again lol) ,Steph, and Amahoola Ikechi.
We decided to watch "Lion King 3D"because we consider ourselves queens, Haitian queens that is. So now it became" Queens watching The Lion King."
We had a lot of fun. We took beautiful pictures, this one is my favorite:
Notice how we are all different in looks but we are still natural beauties. That is real Haitian queenly beauty for you lol
This was a great outing! Oh i forgot to say: While we decided to take a picture of all of us together, the camera fell down and broke. Our hearts collectively broke in pieces... well not really we still enjoyed ourselves . Thanks Ladies! Thanks my Queens!

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