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Grottes: Caves in Haiti

While looking at beautiful places to add to my Haiti travel plans, I stumbled upon Grotte Marie-Jeanne. I was in awe! It looked intimidating and breathtaking at the same time. I wanted to learn more about it, and other caves in Haiti. I thought about preservation and the touristic values that those caves presented all the while doubting that anything positive is being done with those beautiful sites.

With a little research, I found the caves of Haiti project where I learned that although a lot of caves have been found, there has only been 2 explorations done in Haiti prior to the group working on them in 2008. Imagine the history hiding inside those walls! I'm a living history fanatic. I mean, real artifacts and pictographs from the indigenous people are hiding inside those caves! Things like this excite me and it breaks my heart that they exist and we don't get the chance to explore and appreciate them.

Mystery surround those caves in Haiti, with lots of folklore tales and voudou ceremonies that keep some people away. Those, like or otherwise who do frequent those caves with no guides and precaution destroy a lot historical artifacts and leave things behind like graffiti, unfortunately.
At any rate, I hope to be able to visit at least one of the caves someday. Preferrably one without any big spiders... or any deadly animals. Which probably means if I make it to one, I'll just stand outside and take pictures ha!
Check out the project started in 2009 here,2.html sorry but the site is in French.
Here are some pictures of Grotte Marie-Jeanne, which is possibly the biggest cave in the Caribbean. It's a series of caves that is situated in the Southwest region of Haiti, part of the "Massif de la Hotte" area. It's in Port a Piment

Port a Piment


grafiti :(


Lots of species of tarantulas found. Um no thank you lol

To see more things that they discovered and learn more about Grotte Marie Jeanne visit
it's in English :)

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