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More of my favorite food!

I haven't been thrilled with how unfit I've become lately, so I've finally gotten serious about getting back to healthy habits. I started eating healthier... but I cannot give up my favorite food. banann avek pwason!!! Remember the last Haitian Plate!
So I've resolved to make them differently now no more frying! So this is how I eat my bannan avek pwason
and like this when I get tired of the above. These plaintains are ripe...
Sooo yeah. I've been able to avoid white rice and meat for some time now. Once in a while I'll get a little bit on the side but I've mostly been eating fruits and veggies. I can do this only because my mom is trying to eat healthier too since apparently she now has cholesterol problems. She is not giving me grief about "not eating"

In another note, I finally used the pool yesterday. Makes no sense to have a pool and not use it... Of course it's not summer anymore so it's a good thing that Florida heat knows no season. It was in the upper 90's!
This has definitely solidify my #teamfitbody dreams. Maybe I should've done this earlier haha.
A combination of pose, sucking in and several shots to get this lol. By my bday I need to get this without trying :)

Peep the garden in the background. I'm telling you these Haitians I live with know no boundaries. Kareman they have the backyard looking like a Haitian garden ... Well  actually I enjoy the fresh food so I'm not complaining hehe.

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2 lovely comments:

  1. That looks sooooooooooooooo good! I love plantains, I'm from Nigeria and we eat so many in my culture :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Thank you Dee! I think our foods are probably very similar in some ways. I love love plaintains :)


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