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Map li ak ke kontan: Summer Stories Series

Le Jardin d'Enfant I remember those days of reading and reciting lovely poetry, drawing with chalk, singing French nursery rhymes, carefree.

 When physical education was playing non-stop tag, jump roping with cousins and friends - double dutch. The days of "M'ap Li ak Kè Kontan", listening to the grownups tell folktales, feeling sorry for Bouki while being entertained by the wits of Malice (Bouki et Ti Malice).

 The days of Alouette and dancing sur le pont d'Avignon - wondering where the "pont" was located. Every now and then, it is necessary to take a trip down memory lane. Take a journey. Bon voyage!

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2 lovely comments:

  1. this is a fun book i wanna read it again and again

  2. I need those books to teach my child


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