In Beautiful Haiti Places

Chak moun fet nan yon peyi...

Mwen menm mwen fet an Haiti. Haiti pa'm li tou piti se ladann m'anvi mouri- Emeline Michel "Ayiti Cheri"
One of my favorite songs. I agree with the song except I just want to visit all corners of the beautiful Haiti and not just die there (lol). Most Haitians don't even know some of the gorgeous places in the island. (I can't blame them because of "situations"  Such a pity...
Well we are gonna show you some places that you might add to your travels someday. I hope you find somewhere that calls out to you like Kokoye Beach calls out my name right now. (soupire)
This green landscape makes me happy :)
These pictures are from Blog Karel La

I also found an interesting Paris Vogue pic while i was looking for pics
Haiti some 50 years ago. From "La Grande Vandrouille" blog

Now let me go daydream about Kokoye Beach. Ahhhh bon bagay!

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1 lovely comments:

  1. Well, that was depressing, why you may ask?
    I looked at those breathtaking photographs, looked around me & (soupire)...


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