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Rosy Cadet - Africa

Rosie Cadet, one of the best Haitian Divas!!!! I always used to listen to her songs when I was in Haiti; As for this song, I knew all the lyrics. Sooo what really happened was that I had forgotten if this song existed, since ya'll might notice that America makes people forget their roots sometimes (lol). Anyway, thanks to my friend Estefania Celcius who reminded me of this song, it brought me a lot of memories, it reminded me of how fun Haiti used to be (Tearzzz) and I miss that…. A lot… I can’t help it now, but to listen to my Haitian music. Hope you guys like it, enjoy!!!!!

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2 lovely comments:

  1. Love this song! and you're right I had forgotten all about it too. Sad! lol

  2. I love everything about this song from the African safari-like environment to the choreography. It is nostalgic. I remember watching this video for the first time over a decade ago and memorizing the lyrics that same day. I've been looking for this song for over a decade. I could never find it. Thanks for posting this. It made me reminisce on pleasant memories from my childhood.


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