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Our Haitian Plate!!!!!!

Most things are uncertain in this world. The smell of good Haitian food making me happy is not one of them, it's aways certain to make me happy. Case in point I woke up from a nap today because I smelled my favorite food being cooked. pwason avek bannan peze... Yes!!!!!!!!!! Fo'm diw tou mwen pa chich... I like to share so I will post some pictures for you. I know, awesome right?

When I woke up :) Like my mom says "anpil pwason pedi lavi yo" hehe

Bannan straight from Haiti via my grandma's garden: my mom swears it tastes loads better
This is what I found when I woke up, like my mom always says "anpil poisson pedi vi yo" hehe
 My dad's basic plate before he added a plethora of things to make it unhealthy lol
 My plate. Yumm!!!!!! Ou gentan we poisson an manke moso epa vre Ayisyen? ha I couldn't help it
My mom insists that i add onions on the bannan she says it's a secret ingredient that takes it up a notch or 2. People seem to think her bannan peze is great so maybe there is truth to that lol. Try it!

In other food news, Nacha and I made Haitian Chicken Pate yesterday. We actually made a video... but there's a long story about why it's not on here.We promise to make another one soon. You will love our pate. It's unique :)
A picture for your pleasing eyes

We plan to make this a regular feature. What do you think?
Until next time... bisous

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2 lovely comments:

  1. Ou lala kem grenn lol, This looks very tasty and yes it will be fun to make it a regular feature, but make sure you mail me my plate before you post anything, or you can just do it without including the picture lol. You know what, let me just get out of this page because this thing makes my stomach growl:(
    *** And just to let you know, ou byen chich...

  2. Nice, but you're making hungry...


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