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I have always heard people talking about how powerful a smile can be, the most common things I have heard is that it helps people look younger. It is a fact that smiling can make you appear younger, but as a health care student, I believe that it is more consequential than that. Some studies have shown that smiling can improve our immune systems; of course that is definitely true because the more relaxed you are, the better it is for our bodies. Our bodies recharge themselves through relaxation. Furthermore, keeping a smile on can help lower your blood pressure, and not only that, it can also relieves stress. For instance, when you are stressed, people will certainly know your business because it shows up in your face, you always look overwhelmed, which is not attractive at all; who would like to be around someone like this? (Thumb down).  I am suggesting you to try hard to keep a smile on at all time because when you smile, it helps you stay positive, and this positivity will help you stand out as a successful person. I am sending this message to all of you who have the opportunity to read it: life is not over yet, it can be better just try hard to stay away from negativities. Pass this message to your friends and relatives through a simple smile….

PS: This is a poem I wrote about a few months ago because I know that God is the one who can trigger this smile in me...
A Simple Smile
Your perfect smile makes me want to live
Because of it I am now able to endure any condition
Whenever I am going through some tough situations
And when everything seems to be broken
You send me a smile from heaven
All peaceful and tender
That persuades me to surrender
Everything to you my Lord
Having such a smile makes me feel like I am adored
Nothing on earth can compare to such a beautiful smile
It helps me to be satisfied with my life
                                                        I know I might be going through trials
But with your perfect smile I can rise above it all
Keep smiling at me my King
So your light can shine through me
For this is the reason you had set me free
I promise I will always smile back
For I know many lives can be saved
Through this contagious drug: A Simple Smile

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2 lovely comments:

  1. I like it. You always make me smile Esthere :) Well when you're not making me mad lol

  2. lol I'm glad that I can make you smile even when you're mad :))) Does that even make sense???? lol


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