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A l"haitienne: She got soul!

This is the first installment of a new mini series about Haitian music
It was at Haitian weddings that I found Jazz. People had the habit of having me "walk in their weddings" when I was younger (face it I was adorable ask for a picture) lol
 They also had the habit of using nice jazz music for the "keteuse" to walk with and on one such occasion, I found Kenny G. To this day, even though my listening tastes have evolved beyond "smooth jazz" his songs remind me of happy days as a child in Haiti. Over the years, I've listened to jazz occasionally but it wasn't until I went to college that I found "Jazz in the Park" That I became more aware about different styles of jazz compelling me to eventually take a Jazz history elective. In that class, I felt at home. I learned about different jazz periods, how broad the genre is and I discovered a myriad of Jazz singers that are on repeat on my ipod but I was still missing something. I longed to hear musicians from home singing jazz. So recently I went on a journey to find our beautiful jazz artists and I was elated to find many of them, ALL wonderful.  In the midst of my research I found a concert that I wish I could've gone to. It was called "Haitian women in Jazz" and I loved every single artist in the lineup. So now I will introduce you to these beautiful women.This mini series will highlight  some of my favorites and those that have already made a profound imprint in my soul.
I present to you. A l"HAITIENNE: She got soul

Pauline Jean
Melanie JB Charles
Nathalie Cerin
Mikaelle Aimee

At the end of this part I will be giving away a cd of one of these gorgeous ladies
I hope you Enjoy. Don't miss this!


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