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Classic Haitian Diva: Emeline Michel

   Who doesn’t know “The Queen of Haitian Song”? If you are one of those who will answer
'negative" to this question, Emeline Michel is the name you need to look for. She is one of the most beloved female Haitian singers in Haiti and internationally. She is so loved because she combines traditional rhythms with social, political, inspirational content effortlessly. Like many artists, the beautiful diva had her first experiences in music at her local church; singing Gospel music. At the age of 18, she won a singing contest in Haiti, which earned her a year study at the Detroit Jazz Center. That was the beginning of a long musical career that has brought her all over the world.
      I have always loved Emeline Michel not only for her talent, but also for her beauty. She is such a gorgeous “ Fanm kreyol”. And, when I found out that she is from Gonaives, Haiti; oh my God! I loved her more lol… because Gonaives is my hometown yeah!!! Lol…
      I like all her songs, they are all memorable, but the one that I cannot ever forget is “ AKIKO”. That song reminds me of good memories of my childhood. Every time I hear it, I have to dance.  AKIKO is one of her first big hits. It is a Japanese word that means “bright star” The video for the song features some footage from her first tour in Japan. I would like to share this song with you, hope you like it too.

Other popular songs that perhaps  can help you reminisce of the “beaux vieux temps” include but is not limited to :
"Gade Papi"
 This song is from her lastest album " Reine de coeur".

FLANM is one of the music that ranks her as one of the top artists in Haiti and the French Antilles. Enjoy!

-Princess Na-

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2 lovely comments:

  1. My favorite Emeline songs have to be l'odeur de ma terre, F'om ale, Armandine, pa gen manti nan sa... ok all her popular songs lol. My fondest memories are "mwen bezwen" I remember being banned from watching that one lol the most sensual/sexy but still classy song I've known to this day. Yeah I guess I really love Emeline Michel lol.

  2. Wow thanks Nacha for this post, I did not know if her first performance was at a church!!! I have always loved Emeline Michel, but reading this about her makes me love her more (No homo lol). However, I would be more satisfied if you posted my favorite video,"Fo m'ale" lol...


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