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Ansy Derose

Ansy Derose
Birth: 1934
From: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: Folkloric
Years Active: 1963-1998

Arntz Derose (1934-1998), better known by his artist name Ansy Derose, was a Haitian paint artist, song writer, musician, poet, designer, architect, and teacher. However, more than anything else, he is mostly recognized for being a successful singer. With the help of Mrs. Elizabeth Mathy, a French vocal teacher, Ansy debuted with his musical career at a very young age, and began by learning classical music by composers such as Beethoven, Frantz Schubert and Schumann. To further his education, he obtained a scholarship to Germany in November 1963, but unlike many of us would do, Ansy did not neglect his talents. His popularity spread to other parts of the world when he competed in the “First World Song Festival” in Mexico, in November 1970, and won the third trophy. After this big award, Ansy got many offers from America, but he refused them all because he never forgot where he came from. In other words, he went back to his country to give back to his community.
Wife: Yole Derose (coming soon to A l’Haitienne)
Albums:  “Ansy, Sa Musique et sa Poesie” (1972) with great songs as Ginou, Ne pars pas, l’attente, Laura, Regina, Chacun Por soi, Inqietude, and Manvi al Lakay mwen. “Quo Vadis Terra” (1974), with his songs symboles d'espoir, Amour et fraternité, he had became one of the most successful Haitian singer. “Nou vle”(1987) , “Quand mon Coeur Bat La Mesure” (1989),  “Anakoana”, and his last album “Haiti Melodie d’Amour”.
After serving as Teacher and Principal at J.Damier for over 20 years, Ansy constructed his own school of art (L'atelier-école Ansy Dérose), which later gave birth to CECAP (le Cercle d'Etudes Culturelles et d'Actions Philanthropiques). He performed at many concerts in different regions in Haiti, as well as in the US and other parts of the world. With the help of some colleagues (Raoul Denis Jr, Lionel Benjamin, Boulot Valcourt, Henri Célestin), he created “l'Association Nationale des Auteurs Compositeurs et Interprètes de Musique” (ANACIM) with the intention of educating song writers and artists.
Ansy said goodbye to the world on January 17, 1998. Throughout his career, he transformed the art of the Haitian music industry for the better; until today, Ansy remains one of the best Haitian artists that ever lived.

This song "Nou vle" is very inspiring. The video just takes me back whenever I watch it....R.I.P. Ansy Derose, Haiti miss such talents

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  1. Wow thanks for this post, I moved in the US when I was 12, and as for these Haitiens artist, I did not know much about them. I like the fact that you ladies are using this blog to educate us about our culture.


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