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We wanted to start this blog for several reasons. One being that the presence of Haitian blogs and sites for young people is  seriously lacking. I found myself asking where are the platforms for our creative people? our artists, designers, authors, fashionistas? I know we have plenty... I know some personally and yet on the web, I always ended up on African blogs such as Bella Naija (which I love by the way) and all the cool fashionistas and hot topic blogs are surely not of Haitian descent. I should mention here gwo chapo ba for findingpaola and comme coco holding down the spot with pride but I knew that we should have more avenues to showcase our talented youth so we decided to build it ourselves, if it ends up being just for us, so be it but we will enjoy it and make it fun like we do with everything else that has been thrown at us. A l'Haitienne style... epi that's it wi.

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  1. Kudos on your blog, I love it. Also thanks for the love :)


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